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Mike Flynt was swapping stories with some old football buddies when he brought up the biggest regret of his life: Getting kicked off the college team before his senior year. So, one of his pals said, why not do something about it?

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Mike Flynt Sul Ross 2007


"I was excited that you accepted our invitation to speak at the NSCA National Conference at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas."


Mike Ė I received your book and could hardly put it down, great job. 

I was excited that you accepted our invitation to speak at the NSCA National Conference at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Your message was well received by the nationís strength coaches. I didnít realize your were such a great speaker. You provided not only an informative positive message for young athletes but it was also very motivational. Iím sure all groups would love to hear your story. I especially enjoyed the part about you coming off the football field to see your family near the sideline and seeing your grandson there to cheer you on. Good luck with all your projects and it was great to see you and get caught up a little bit at the conference.


Boyd Epley, M.Ed, CSCS, MSCC, FNSCA

Director of Coaching Performance

National Strength and Conditioning Association

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Mike Flynt - President of Frequency Flow



After completing his senior year of eligibility at Sul Ross State University, Mike returned to Franklin, Tennessee where he continues to help people of all ages live a better, more productive life through strength training and developing a more active lifestyle.

Through extensive research and his own personal experience with frequency technology, Mike discovered the amazing benefits of the Frequency Flow insoles. Here's what he discovered. "Although I enjoy all types of running, I am a sprinter more than a distance runner, and it was running sprints with the Frequency Flow insoles that really got my attention. Not only did I not get the lactic acid burn in my legs while running sprints, but the following day there was almost zero soreness! I began to notice increased energy in my legs every time I wore the insoles and now I'm never without them. If I have shoes on my Frequency Flow insoles are in those shoes. Check out my Frequency Flow website.


Making fitness a lifelong pursuit, in 2007 at the age of 59, Mike returned to his alma mater to play his senior year of college football.  With his final year of eligibility confirmed by the NCAA, Mike made the team and played linebacker and on special teams, becoming the oldest college linebacker in NCAA history. Mike & his wife Eileen live in Franklin, TN and have been members at The Peopleís Church since 1985.


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The Senior Mike Flynt with Don Yaeger

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Mike's remarkable story begins with a tough upbringing by a violent father who trained him to fight at every opportinityRead More









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